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BMW Dixi

It was in 1928 that the BMW company started to take an interest in automobiles by acquiring the Dixi plant at Eisenbach in East Germany which was building the Austin Seven cars under licence. The first BMW, the Dixi was in fact a continuation, with a few modifications of the Austin Seven. It was small in size and of good quality and conquered a public composed of car owners who then seemed to be orientated towards more imposing cars. This was a 15 hp limousine which took part in a number of competitions during which it gained letters of nobility for the BMW company with a few exploits such as a 'tour des Alpes' of 2500 km and 18 crossings of mountain passes, and the first place wich was won in the 750 ccm category in the 1930 Monte Carlo rally. The BMW company was installed at Eisenbach until 1945.

motor 4 cil.
inhoud 743 ccm
vermogen 15 pk
max snelheid 85 kmh

Heller KIT no 700