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Chevrolet Impala Convertible 1959
In 1959, Chevrolet was attempting to deliver to the public what its market research and styling departments said the public wanted. We were at the end of the '50s and tastes were changing. Perhaps caught in no-win situation, Chevrolet introduced their 1959 models with radical styling. Long and wide, spinners, chrome, and... fins!

The fantastic 'Bat Wing' Chevy, that was either loved or hated, was the creation of famous G.M. Chief Designer Harley J. Earl who favored a longer, lower look. The 1959 line represented his last hurrah after a legendary career of 32 years at G.M. After his retirement, the styling of G.M. cars became more rounded and less sculptured than the classic '59 Impala. Though actually heavier than previous models, the '59 Impala had the appearance of a lighter and leaner car. This Impala was actually two inches longer and wider for more comfortable ride.
The '59 Impala was introduced in a national television ad campagne featuring Pat Boone and Dinah Shore singing the joys of seeing the U.S.A.
in a Chevrolet. Distinctive styling was not its only noticeable feature, the '59 Impala had the performance to match.

Motor - Super Turbo-Thrust V-8
Inhoud - 348 cubic-inch
Carburateurs - 3 x 2-traps
vermogen - 335 HP bij 5800 RPM

Monogram - KIT 243 7