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Citroën C4 "Pompier"
Starting in 1928, manufacture of the C4 in its various versions continued until 1932; a few vehicles, termed "last in series" were even sold as late as 1933. Its treasury rating was 9 hp the first year, and it was increased without modification to 10 hp in 1930, and then lowered back to 9 hp in 1931. In 1933, in parallel to the C4 IX, still rated at 9 hp, th C4 G came out the rating of wich it was accepted at 10 hp. It had a slightly greater cubic capacity and was supplied either with a normal engine or with a floating engine, as required. This continued throughout the following series.
Designed according to a technique wich was fairly new for the time, and inspired by American car building techniques, the C4 was an exceptionally sturdy vehicle, with regard both to the engine and to the body.
The choice of bodies proposed by Citroën was sufficiently large to meet all requirements: saloons, limousins, 4- and 6-seaters, coupés, semiconvertibles, convertibles, open tourers, commercial open tourers, vans, etc.
Over the years, the general appearance did not change very much, and it was only a few modifications in the layout of the chromiun trims and the inside fittings that made it possible to tell the year in wich these vehicles were produced.

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