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Duessenberg SJ 1934 Rollston Body
During the 1930s. a handful of dedicated craftsmen combined their talents to create a small series of automotive masterpieces that will be admired for decades yet to come. Under the watchful eye of E. L. Cord, dreams of an awe inspiring automobile unmatched in performance, quality, and expense, were transformed into the impressive Model J and Si Duesenbergs.
The massive ladder frame was fitted with a phenomenal Lycoming dual overhead cam engine displacing nearly seven litres. This finely detailed in-line eight cylinder powerplant sported such exotic details as four valves for each cylinder, an aluminum alloy cylinder head, and a mercury-filled damper designed to eliminate crankshaft vibrations. In 1932, the Model Si was introduced, featuring a centrifugal supercharger mounted on the right side of the engine. In an effort to reduce the weight of the durable, massive Duesenberg chassis, aluminun alloys were used extensively. When completed the finished chassis were road tested at the famed Indianapolis motor speedway prior to being delivered to one of America's respected coachworks.
The elegantly-detailed Duesenberg Model J chassis served as an uncompromising basis for many beautifully sculptured creations. Rollston and Murphy created the majority of the custom-built bodies, and a new Duesenberg owner could select his car from a prepared portfolio of excellent designs.
This model depicts a long wheelbase Model Si convertible coupe. The sweeping bodywork was executed by Roilston, and the supercharged engine can be identified by the external exhausts. Remove the engine cowlings and you will see a detailed replica of the magnificent in-line eight-cylinder powerplant. When completed, you will possess a fine model of one of the finest motor cars ever created.

Monogram KIT 2302