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Jaguar E Type

It was in March 1961, at the Geneva Motor Show, that the E-type Jaguar made its first public appearance, causing a great deal of surprise and the same degree of enthousiasm as its elder sister, the Jaguar XK 120 had provoked at its appearance in October 1948, twelve years and four months earlier.
The first two prototypes of this car were in fact two-seater convertibles. The development of the coupé did not occur until the end of the development of the E 1 A (The code name of the prototype. "A" standing for aluminium). Aluminium was the metal chosen for the manufacture of the car, since it was easy to work. Construction was started in 1957.
The E-type Jaguar was to a certain extent, the development of the D-type le Mans Jaguar, a competition car wich made a name for itself and won popular acclaim at the 24-hour races in the nineteen fifties. The E-type directly took over the many technical options wich had been adopted for the D-type Le Mans, such as single shell construction on a tubular magnesium structure.
These technical innovations, together with the excellent driving characteristics, the beautiful lines and a degree of aerodynamism wich had never before been seen, and also the high-quality and luxerious interior, made the E-type one of the most dreamed of sports cars, and it still is even today.


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