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Land Rover 109 Paratrooper
Presented in 1948 at the Amsterdam motor show, the Land Rover was entirely succesful and thanks to the continuous modifications and adjustments it is still today one of the most diffused off-road vehicle. The reasons of this succes are to be found in the combination of a strong chassis and a vehicle engine a stainless aluminium body and in the four steering wheels. Noneof these components has revolutionary characteristics or are superior to the competition but their unity it gives the Land Rover a nearly unlimited versatility. The Land Rover has therefore been exported in every continent and in 1978 the millionth exemplary was produced whilst the goal of two million is not fair. Produced in the two typical versions with short wheel base (88") and the long wheel base (109") the Land Rover
is supplied with a choice of three engines.The common characteristics of these engines is the elevated torque that reached at low rotation regime allows to draw out of trouble in unfavourable situations. The four steering wheel transmission uses an eight speed gear in front and two at the rear in the two versions pushed by the four cylinders exists the possibility to disengage the front drive for an easier drive on normal roads. The suspensions use semi elliptical leaf springs and double acting hydraulic dampers, the breaking system commands through a double circuit four hydraulic brake drums. Innumerable have been the expeditions that have useed the Land Rover as a base vehiocle takingit in the most disparate parts of the world, mainly used in England and Commenwealth countries. Among the strangest tasks accomplished by the Land Rover it should be recorded the presenceof a 109" at the rally, the english trial for the world championship in the 'muddy' edition that put in evidence the excellent drive of the Land Rover. Although it has been on the market for several decades the Land Rover has never has a slack of interest an the new version 'One Ten' will only continue the succes of the english off raod.

4 cyl. petrol engine 2250 cc
65 HP at 4000 RPM

4 cyl. diesel engine 2250 cc
60 HP at 4000 RPM

8 cyl. petrol engine 3500 cc
91 HP at 4000 RPM

ESCI Kit no 3037