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MG TC 1949
During the years following World War II, the graceful styling and agile handling of the MG-TC captured the fancy of Automotive enthusiasts throughout the United States. The long, lean lines of this classic earned the marque a well deserved reputation, for this was the automobile that introduced the "sports car" to the American Automobile enthusiast. The MG-TC was a continuation of the pre-war T-series, and the automobile was well received in post-war America. An MG-TC could be purchased for slightly less than two thousand dollars, and many proud owners rapidly discovered that the rakish styling that had seduced them initially was but a small part of the TC mystique. Powered by a remarkably-smooth overhead valve four cylinder engine, the TC was
a joy to drive. Performance was greatly enhanced by a four-speed gearbox that was fitted with synchromesh in the top three gears.
Though the MG-TC was extremely quick in a straight line, the forte of this automobile was its impressive handling characteristics. The stiff suspension and highly responsive steering introduced MG-TC owners to driving enjoyment unavailable in the average American car. By selecting a lower gear, and relying on the torque
of the engine, challenging country roads were easily transformed into a thrilling ride that
delighted all who experienced it.
Though the MG-TC was superseded by the updated MG-TC in the early 1950's, the TC rémained in the forefront of the sports car world. On racing circuits from California's Torreestothe streets of Watkins Glen, the TC scored countless victories. In Britain, the coGntry that spawned the MG, these remarkable automobiles were campaigned for years. Today, vintage sports car racing is enjoying renewed interest, and the venerable MG-TC's are once again in competition. Since they were first seen in the United States,
the enchanting MG-TC has served as the exciting medium through which untold thousands discovered the thrill of sports cars. With each passing year, the demand for these timeless autos increases, and dedicated MG enthusiasts insure that the classic TC will always be with us.

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