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Porsche 356 Competition Racer

One of the world's outstanding sportcars, the Porsche Competition Racer is capable of speeds of nearly 125 mph, yet is easily handled on city streets and is well suited to daily routine driving. It is powered by a flat opposed four-cylinder engine, having double overhead cams and developing 100 hp at 6,200 rpm. It has a bore of 3.35 inches, a stroke of 2.59 inches and a displacement of 1,498 cc, or 91.9 cubic inches.
The air-cooled engine is mounted in the rear with the transmission coupled directly to the differential. Suspension is independent on all four wheels and incorporates torsion bars. Porsche has become one of the great names in racing history. In the 1930's Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was instrumental in designing the Grand Prix Auto Union. This was one of the most radical cars ever to run in a road race and was also one of the most successful. It had a rear-mounted engine which developed 600 hp, and a chassis which incorporated many of the design features which are now found in this Porsche Competition Racer model kit.
The Porsche is a favorite among the sportscar enthusiasts because of its clean design, its fantastic handling characteristics and its high performance. There has never been a car so universally successful in racing and, at the same time, docile enough to run family errands.

Revell KIT H-1204-3800