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Volkswagen Golf GTI
The Golf GTI is the sports version of the popular Volkswagen saloon car. When the Wolfsburg technicians designed the new car, their aim was to build a sports car which was not too showy; in actual fact theGolf GTI differs on the outside from the normal version only in thelarger front spoiler and the bigger wheels.
The substantial differencesare to be found in the mechanics: the engine is a 1588 cc in line four cylinder engine fed with the K-Jetronic mechanical injection systemwhich delivers a power of 110 HP at 6100 rmp.
The injection system has also made it possible to cut down consumption and in fact the GolfGTI consumes 6.8 1 of petrol per 100 kms at a speed of 100 km/h.To make the engine work better, larger oil and water radiators havebeen fitted.
To transmit the power of the engine properly to theground, the Golf GTI has a lowered chassis with a wide tread, whereasthe shock absorbers are more rigid than in the normal version. Stabilizer bars have also been added to both axles; the front brakes are self-ventilated disk brakes, whereas the back ones are drum brakes, withbraking control which gives a proper distribution of braking power. It has the radial fitted on 5111? rims X13; its weight is 810 kgs with a carrying capacity of 420 kgs.
Inside the Golf GTI there are bucket seats, sports driving wheel, revolution counter and checked upholstery. The car's performance is certainly brilliant and in fact the GTI his a maximum speed of 182 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds. These features, and the excellent roadability, have made the GolfGTI an ideal racing carand indeed it has proved almost unbeatable in the Group 11600 cc class, whereas results in Group 2 have not been so good in view of thegreater competitivity in this group.

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